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Callers School
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Callers School   
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The Second Ever

GSI Caller AND Cuer School


  One Leisure St Ives Indoor, Westwood Road, St Ives Cambridgeshire, England, PE27 6WU

(formerly known as The St Ivo Centre)
was a GREAT Success!!!


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CALLERLAB Accredited Coaches Paul Bristow, Vernon Jones and Hanna Tenenbaum along with  Walt Burr and Cuer Instructor, Martin Prüfer.

Callers and Cuers will start school on Sunday evening 21st September 2014.

Separate classrooms for new and experienced callers.  Registration required, limited space.

 Caller School will feature in-depth study on Singing call techniques; presentation skills; choreo management; modular and sight calling; secret to successful workshops; training and entertaining new dancers; programming and much, much more.

 Topics to be covered for the cuer school will be: Hash cueing; Reading & understanding Cuesheets; Creating Cuesheets; Working with class; Teaching RD; Equipment; Voice; Ethics; History; Programming; Working together (Callers and Cuers); Mike time; and other topics of concern to Cuers.


GSI Europe Representative: Walt Burr
PSC 41, Box 4284 RAF, Lakenheath, Brandon, IP27 9PN England

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